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We are Transpota!

Amidst a bustling logistics landscape, TRANSPOTA stands as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing the trucking industry by addressing the pressing challenges that hinder its smooth operation. We've recognized the bottlenecks that plague port efficiency, the insurance gaps that jeopardize freight security, the data scarcity that hinders local fleet optimization, the environmental impact of carbon emissions, the welfare concerns of drivers and impacts on the Supply chain forecast, and the persistent shortage of skilled truck drivers.

Our mission is to streamline the trucking process, enhancing efficiency and safety while fostering a positive and sustainable ecosystem for all stakeholders. Our solutions have multiple faces, contributing to port serenity where it becomes unnecessary for the local transporters to loiter around the port premises as they can easily migrate and transact on our platform, we've developed a dynamic scheduling system that ensures orderliness from drivers, transporters and truckers as another approach to optimize port access and expedite cargo handling.

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We allow users register their trucks with details on models, tonnage capacity, type of trucks etc. They are able to accept or reject orders


Transporters can make orders directly on behalf of their contacts using their own codes. They receive commissions on transactions made with their codes.


These are cargo owners, they will register on the app before they can make orders, when making orders, they can enter referral codes if any.


Drivers are responsible for the driving of trucks assigned to them. They earn points for every positive feedback which can be redeemed.

Safe and Secured

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our app's robust security features, ensuring your data remains private and protected in every interaction.


We understand the power of negotiation in a business hence we provide you with the options to negotiate your price and decide the best offer for you.

The Transpota Story

With over 2 decades experience, we teamed up to provide solutions to some nagging problems in the haulage industry.

Industry Experience

We understand the pain and stress, Transpota is a solution not another burden

Ease of Use

Transpota removes the stress annd challenge of seeking a truck or driver to move your goods.

24/7 Tech Support

Our team is readily available to attend to your needs

Expert Opinions


Hear from some industry experts on their usage of the app and the feedbacks so far.


How it works

Sign Up

Before you can access the features, you need to create an account and get verified.

Launch App

From the hompage you can begin the process of making an order.

Make Order

You are able to make an order by supplying your details. You will be able to insure your goods during this process.

Manage Rides

Manage your ride history. As a driver, you can accept or reject a ride. You can as well propose a better offer.